Main Level Progress

When we started developing Heister, we wanted to build a small and interesting game. In order to achieve that we started with an initial game mechanic. The idea was to build the mechanic first, make it interesting and then make everything else fit around that mechanic.
The mechanic we ended up going with was bullet ricochet. After that we started thinking about the levels and how we can force the player to use this mechanic as much as possible. So everything you are about to see will closely resemble a maze, since that is naturally a really good place for ricochet.

After many, many... many iterations of the setting of the game, from art galleries and supermarkets, to sewers and jails, we decided to stick with something simple - a mansion.

The initial mansion plan
The Initial Mansion Plan

We found some reference images of old mansions and decided to use them as a base that we would later refine.

The initial mansion plan
The Mansion In Game - Work In Progress

As you can see the map is quite big, however the player will not be able to traverse the whole map at once, on each level he will be able to go down a different route, slowly uncovering the whole level. At this point we are almost finished with the mansion itself, we are currently working on building the garden.So expect to see some screenshots of that in the next post, along with some gameplay too!

The rooms

Here you can take a look at some screenshots of the rooms, keep in mind this is all WIP stuff, the lightning is just there as a placeholder for now.