Demo Preparations

We are super excited to show all the stuff that we have been working on since our last post. Last month we worked hard on fixing bugs, adding content and overall getting everything ready for the demo of the game.

The Demo will be presented in November at the following locations:

  • DevPlay - Nov. 7 - 8, 2019 - Bucharest, Romania
  • Bucharest Gaming Week - Nov. 9 - 10 - Bucharest, Romania
  • GameRome - Nov. 13 - 15 - Rome, Italy
  • Slovenian Games Conference - Nov. 30 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

If you are attending any of these events, please feel free to come and play our game!

Story Level 1!

We finished the first level of our game and it's ready for testing.
Since we are short on time, we will postpone the polish of these levels, since we are not satisfied with the dialogue lines right now and some timings.

This first level includes a tutorial for the basic mechanics of the game, here are some screenshots of that:


We created new game modes! Currently we have two game modes and we are thinking of making another one, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to tell us.
The current game modes are:

-Steal: Steal the artifacts without being noticed as fast as possible with a time limit
-Kill: Eliminate all the guards while using the least amount of bullets and trying to make killstreaks for maximum score

Here you can see some of the maps we created for the challenges:

Challenge #1
Challenge #2
Challenge #3
Challenge #4

A score system and killstreak system were also implemented to go along with these game modes.
They were added to the menu also, here are some shots of that too! But keep in mind that the names of the challenges and the descriptions are placeholders.

Menu Screen
Challenges Screen
Challenge Selected

The challenge missions have some minor UI tweaks - this is how it might look while you are playing the challenge maps:

Steal Challenge
Kill Challenge
Kill Challenge Streak

Heister Story Comic

We had to have a way of telling our story in the game. Since we are a tiny team of people we had to come up with something that is not too complex yet looks nice. So we decided to create a comic style intro video, telling the backstory. You can see some screenshots below!

Security Room
Security Room
Security Room

We first came up with the shots. Next we moved on to creating the models we needed for the environment of these shots. After that we posed the characters and positioned the cameras.

Finally we had to create the screenshots and import them into After Effects to create the droplet effects and put it all together. Keep in mind this is still WIP, for the finished game we will polish this further, but for the demo it will probably stay like this.

Sound Waves

Another addition is that we have added a visual way for you to see sounds in the game. For example if you whisper now you will produce a sound wave which will visually show you which enemies can hear that sound, take a look:


Dialogues, Points Of Interest & Objectives

The initial mansion plan
Objectives, Dialogues and Points of interest

A dialogue system was implemented in order to better communicate the story to the player.
A point of interest system was added in order to show the player where to go and what to do in each mission.
A objective can also be seen in the top left corner, indicating the current objective

UI Modifications

We changed the old bullet bounce UI with a new better looking one:

The initial mansion plan
The Mansion In Game - Work In Progress

Other Additions, Modifications & Improvements

+Added the Heister intro video to the beginning of our game
+Added the Raigon intro video to the beginning of our game
+We are now using Asynchronous loading to smoothly transition between levels
+Modified the way doors work (now they automatically close)
+Polished the Mansion entrances
+Fixed AI bugs regarding dead body detection and player detection
+Fixed toggling light not affecting enemies
+Fixed AI all jumping through window at once
+AI can no longer stop a jump mid flight
+Whisper range decreased
+Fixed certain parts of HUD not visible in build
+Fixed collisions

You can also see how the mansion is progressing, it's pretty much done at this point and we will tweak it further for each of the story levels.

The initial mansion plan
The Mansion In Game - Work In Progress


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