Gameplay Teaser Trailer & New Lighting

This week we worked hard on delivering the first gameplay teaser trailer for Heister. We first had to set up the lighting appropriately before getting out hands dirty with recordings. We picked a few rooms to showcase for this trailer so keep in mind that what you see is just a mere fraction of the actual content in the game, that's why it's called a "teaser" after all!

Level Progress

We also made a lot of progress on the main level. As you can see we are finishing up the garden, cleaning up some stuff inside the mansion and also working on the lighting a bit to make it all fit together nicely.

We created models for the garden such as garden walls, grass, trees, bushes, lamps, benches and so on.

The initial mansion plan
The Mansion In Game - Work In Progress

Here are a few close up screenshots of some of the rooms with the new lighting in place, however keep in mind that this is still WIP, nothing is set in stone yet.

Gallery Room
Jewelery Room
Security Room
Relax Room
Relax Room

UI Polish

We replaced the ammo UI with a new design which is much better. We also replaced the placeholder visibility UI with a new one. We reworked out font too because we were missing some symbols. 

The initial mansion plan
UI Polish

Gameplay Teaser Trailer Bonus

We had some fun with this trailer!:D


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